Consciously Driven Consumer

Our Sustainability

We are a made-to-order brand because we want to lead the wave to become more sustainable and inspire a more conscious consumer approach. We want to avoid wastage of stocking, and because our pieces come from recycled gold, our process takes a little longer to refine and craft.

"At bymystique we believe that jewelers should have the responsibility towards adopting a more sustainable production line and materials. 

It is one of our core missions to try to preserve our natures’ resources in every way possible."

Local manufacturing

Our products are manufactured in locally in Dubai to reduce air shipping logistics' and our carbon footprint across different countries. We work with talented local artisans that are proudly appreciated and treated. We also follow a made-to-order approach to avoid wasteful practices of stocking.


We follow a made-to-order approach to avoid wasteful practices of stocking. This allows us the time to sustainably refine recycled gold and allow you to personalize your special piece with your unique gold color of choice, and gold texture from our designs; you can also add your custom engraving.

Our materials

Our jewelry is made of 18-Karat recycled gold which we skillfully collect and refine at our workshop. Our recycled gold comes from gold mined from being broken down after it is created into an item.

We source high quality VS-1 diamonds that were previously in the consumer chain.

Our diamonds are diamonds that had a prior use and have re-entered the diamond supply chain. We follow a high quality standard for the pre-owned diamonds that we select; they are a clean cut with a minimum VS1 clarity.

Our Packaging

"We carefully choose the packaging we create to match our mission and vision and contribute to a greener and cleaner earth"

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Recyclable packaging:

We don't incorporate plastic into our packaging. We don’t use any animal leather in our pouches or boxes. All our paper is made from recycled paper.

Soy-based ink:

We choose to print our giftcards and meaning cards with soy-based ink & not petroleum-based ink. Soy ink offers a greener alternative and don’t leave behind any harmful material to decompose into nature.

Pouches and ribbons are sourced from eco-suedes:

Made as a vegan and environmentally friendlier version of leather suede. This material comes from recycled or plant-based plastics. Recycled plastics use less energy, produce fewer carbon emissions during production, and help further protect the earths’ animals from leather farming.